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Meet Debbie

Anyone who knows me knows that I believe that God has called His people to live generously, in abundance and walking in overflow in all that we do. God's Word tells us that we are to be "lenders and not borrowers", and to "owe no man anything except to love him." Deuteronomy 15:6    Romans 13:8

Because how can we truly bless others unless we are blessed ourselves?

Throughout my lifetime, the message of finances, tithes and offerings has been distorted by many and strayed from true biblical principles which when applied will cause people to prosper. (See my personal testimony on the About link). ​


What I Specialize In

Personalized Planning


Goal Setting

Financial Mentorship

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Kirk Ministries exists to prepare the Body of Christ to a place of Financial Freedom and overflow using practical teachings from the Word of God

I have worked with Debbie since 2002 I am convinced that when you sit under Debbie's teaching or financial mentoring, you are getting more than just information. You're getting biblical teaching that has taken root and blossomed in Debbie's life.

- Tom Ruotolo

We have worked with Debbie Kirk for approximately the last 4 months. She has worked with us to get out of debt and helped us create a working budget.

She has been an example of biblical giving and  helped us enlarge our vision.

- Sam and Renee Previti

Wealth Without Sorrow Course Launching March 25, 2022!

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