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How To Manage Your Finances With Biblical Principles

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How many of you know we can’t be a blessing if we ourselves aren’t blessed? The reality is…most people aren’t looking for a one-time harvest; they are looking for how to live a blessed life. 
My frustration always came from hearing teachings about prosperity but wondering what could be done to not only achieve it, but sustain it.  Almost every person that I knew was always in the same condition, living paycheck to paycheck, with the promise of prospering always being in the future. At some point, we need to learn and apply the principles to start living in the promised blessing.
This is one of the areas that God has laid on my heart to help others with, to live in the blessing, regardless of your age, upbringing, or education…just like He did for me.


God’s plan, since the beginning, is ownership and being a good steward of the land. And, since God doesn’t change, we know that He hasn’t changed His mind to fit the current economy. If you came

from nothing, this can be a hard statement to swallow. But this is truly where I came from.


In this course, I have recorded step-by-step modules with instructions on how to form your budget, all while learning the necessary biblical principles on how to become good soil, where God’s blessing can flourish. These are the principles I’ve used in my own life to become debt- free, and free to do what God has called me to do.

I do have to caution you; this course is only for those who are sold-out to becoming debt free, and it only works as you follow the principles in the Word. This is the way that God intended for us to be blessed,

line upon line and precept upon precept.


The course is a self-paced, 4-week online course that is comprised of three modules containing a total of 8 lessons, along with video teachings and many downloadable printouts for future reference.

Some of the things we will talk about:

  • Finding the hidden cash in your daily routine.

  • How to form a budget using a prepared Excel template.

  • The PLAN Document that explains practical steps to becoming debt free.

  • The journey ahead.

  • Helpful tips on how to address your current creditors, mortgage lenders, and services that you use daily to negotiate or renegotiate the best rates.

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The 3 Pillars Of Growth

You will also be getting a huge upsell package that comes with even more content and in even more desirable formats including videos and audio.


Finding The Cash

  • Pillar 1, is where we begin to “Collect the Data”, pinpoint where money is being spent, and start forming a budget in Excel based on your current income and expenses. You’ll also keep an eye out for smaller, even forgotten expenses or things that you are being charged for that you don’t need anymore. We will also address a couple of key principles that can help identify areas that can stop the blessing from flowing in your life. Pillar 1 is the groundwork for everything we need to lead us to Pillar 2, Preparing for the Blessing.


Preparing For The Blessing

  • In Pillar 2, we “Prepare for the Blessing” by establishing a plan to become financially healthy and build a platform by which blessing can be sustained. We will first form your budget. The budget we are using is based on a 3 month average of expenses adding in some anomalies such as semi-annual and annual expenses. Forming a budget is crucial in knowing where we are at, and if what’s going out is greater than what’s coming in. Then we will introduce the Plan Document which is a guideline to help you contact various lenders, creditors, and services to renegotiate lower rates. It will also offer suggestions on how to tackle your current credit cards to pay off that burdensome debt! 


The Journey Ahead

  • Pillar 3, or “The Journey Ahead” is where you continue to monitor your monthly expenses and progress in the Master Template. Your focus will be on becoming financially free using the principles in Pillars 1 and 2, while working towards your overall goals as written in your “Write the Vision” document. You will constantly be updating your Vision with the progress you’ve already made, and the new things that God has put on your heart. The Bible says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou would prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers.” Our goal in this course is to help you by teaching the principles in the Word of God with regard to the Blessing, combined with stewardship skills to maintain it, when combined bring “The Blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.”


Are you ready to step up your game?

Let's Start Managing Your Finances With Biblical Principles

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